Friday, August 28, 2009

Ys Online Solo Gameplay Movie 2

I recently put up another Ys Online video. Ys Seven is just around the corner, and it's gonna be a blast to play!
I've also started making Megaman X music and gameplay videos featuring Kissing the Mirror's Megaman X Rock albums. It will be a little while before I complete all of them, but I want them all to be available on Youtube at the same time.

In the next post the Batman/Megaman comic will begin!

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Ys Online

*NEW* Character Emotions video by MP83!

I've never played a MMORPG before, and I still remember when I first saw the trailer for Ys Online. I was disappointed. However, now that I'm playing it, it's actually quite fun! I can definitely see why gamers spend a lot of time playing these games. One of the coolest features in Ys Online is getting to hear all the new arrangements of classic Ys music while you play. If you like MMORPGs I recommend giving Ys Online a shot. It's not only free to play, but the soundtrack is free to download too!

  • Ys Online Official site
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  • Saturday, August 01, 2009

    Attending Distant Worlds Concert on 12/12!

    I've been acquiring a lot of new soundtracks, so most of the updates were to my collection page. The crew over at Final Fantasy Distant Worlds have announced a huge concert for 12/12/2009, so I immediately bought a ticket for that one. I can't wait.

    Something exciting I have planned for August is premiering my Batman and Megaman Comic story, which will be a big part of this blog. The story will begin in a couple of weeks! Check out the link at the Distant Worlds below to read about the awesome concert they have planned for 12/12. See you next time!

  • Final Fantasy Distant Worlds
    Congratulations to the Ys I & II Chronicles winner!
  • Wednesday, July 29, 2009

    Random Giveaway Contest #1 - Ys I & II Chronicles!!

    I have two copies of Ys I & II Chronicles for PSP. Both were bought directly from Falcom. Both have the pre-order bonus CDs, and one will be given away tomorrow on July 30th, 2009. I gave a "heads up" to this a couple of days ago on Twitter.

    If you follow me on Twitter, all you have to do tomorrow is look for the update that says "the Ys I & II Chronicles contest is open, e-mail now!" (Hint, it will probably be in the afternoon, and I'm in the Eastern time zone in the US).

    When the contest update appears, just send a message to my e-mail. ( it can be one word, such as "hello", "did I win?", anything except profanity please. Profanity will be disqualified, as well as anything with a spam link. The first e-mail I get regarding the contest wins Ys I & II Chronicles for the PSP.

    Here is my Twitter:
  • Gamemusicfreak's Twitter Good Luck! I'll e-mail the winner immediately when the contest is over, and announce it on Twitter.
  • Wednesday, May 13, 2009

    On Deviant Art!

    I closed down the old art page in favor of creating a new one over at Deviantart. If you would like to visit and see what I've been up to over there, please feel free to do so!
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  • Or if you would like to check my Twitter profile, I hang out there quite a bit too:

  • Gamemusicfreak's Twitter
  • Here's an awesome track from Sonic for the Sega Master System, I love it!

    I'm considering attending the FF Distant Worlds Concert in Seattle this July. I'll keep you updated on whether or not I'll be there.

    Catch you later!
  • Monday, May 11, 2009

    Capcom partners with Sumthing Distribution!

    The Game Music market in the US just got another shot at staying afloat thanks to Sumthing Distribution. Known primarily for releasing soundtracks for XBox games, Street Fighter IV is among the new titles slated to get a soundtrack release here in the US. That makes it one of the first multi platform game soundtracks to come from Sumthing Else, thanks to this partnership. I hope Capcom is in this for good, it would be nice to see some Megaman OSTs released over here! No release dates have been announced yet, but the new Bionic Commando OST is also up for release through this partnership.

    More on this exciting deal here:
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  • I also updated the collection list with all the latest soundtracks I acquired. See you again soon!


    The Ys Seven page was updated again!!
  • Friday, April 24, 2009

    Ys Seven Official Site Updated!

    New additions include wallpapers for PSP and PC, and some limited character information.
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  • Check out the new Ys 1-7 History CD they are creating!

    What Ys IV Tracks will be on it? I wonder if they'll be from the Perfect Collections.
    More later!


    The Ys I & II Chronicles site has been updated too! A new Best of Ys I & II CD is planned as well!

  • Ys I & II Chronicles
  • Never heard Symphony Ys?
    You may like this video I made with To Make the End of Battle from Ys II, using footage from the TG 16 classic version, with an orchestra arrangement:
  • Friday, April 10, 2009

    Ys Seven Official site begins!

    Ys Seven will be first released on the PSP this September, and Falcom unveiled the official site for it today. There's no content up yet, but there is a link to the site for their retooled PSP port of Ys I & II Complete, called Ys I & II Chronicles.
    You can expect them to have music demos available soon. It's already been confirmed that Ys Seven will feature the Five Dragons of Altago story that fans have been anticipating. I'm eagerly awaiting to play this!

  • You can check out the site here!
  • See you again soon!
  • Tuesday, April 07, 2009

    For those attending the Distant Worlds Meet and Greet with Nobuo Uematsu...

    Hey! If you're attending a meet and greet at one of Mr. Uematsu's upcoming scheduled concert appearances, I have some tips:

    1. Bring a camera!
    2. Bring stuff to get autographed!

    The meet and greet is one of the most fun things! Usually, though the line is long, everyone is given a good opportunity (at least 3 minutes) to meet Mr. Uematsu and conductor Arnie Roth. I usually spend about 5 minutes, but I'm always mindful of others in line.

    First, the meet and greet is always after the show, so get there early! The theater staffs in my experience are very generous and will allow each person a few minutes to speak to Nobuo if they wish. Then again, if you're the last person in line, you may get extra time!

    What you do with your meet time is up to you. They won't give you an unlimited amount of time, so be prepared. Many people get a photo, get autographs or I've seen some girls sing a FF song, or give Nobuo a kiss on the cheek!

    If you bring a lot of CDs to get signed, have the discs opened in a stack, or the liner notes stacked, ready to give to Nobuo. I usually use this time, when he is signing, to thank him, or make jokes, or whatever.

    I always think, "this may not ever happen again, so I better make use of it!"

    I have been fortunate to meet Mr. Uematsu on five different occasions, so I've garnered a little experience in that time.
    If the theater staff is rushing you, my advice is to ignore them. They may not understand that Mr. Uematsu's appearance outside of Japan is rare. He is a patient and very kind person, and is looking forward to meeting his international fans. Remember you paid a lot for a chance to meet him, so get your money's worth!

    I invite you to take a look in my archives of the first US Distant Worlds show last year.

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  • see you later!
  • Update 4-7-09

    Hey all! I have been drowned in working two jobs for the last several months, so Updating this page became increasingly difficult. It seemed every time I was set to go with somehthing new, something else came up! After this week I'll be back to regular posting (it seems I lost what little readers I had!) *laughs*

    The Play! CD giveaway I mentioned in my last post is going to happen, I just ask for your patience while I get back on track. *Hint* It will probably be in a Youtube video of some sort. See you soon!

    Saturday, January 03, 2009

    Play! CD/DVD releasing on January 9th!

    This is too awesome, and it's finally here! Play! A Video Game Symphony has just announced that their first CD/DVD will begin shipping on 1-9-09. I have a long history with this concert, and this news is just what I needed! You can order the CD/DVD set from the Play! site now as well! *I will buy extra copies for a random giveaway event, so stay tuned!*

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  • This month marks the third anniversary of this blog, and it has been a lot of fun. Thanks to those of you who have stopped by, I appreciate it!
  • Thursday, January 01, 2009

    HAPPY NEW YEAR 2009/ Ys V Video Playthrough in progress...

    Happy new year! I'm looking forward to making it one of the best. Some Christmas goodies I got were: Valkyrie Profile 2, Chrono Trigger DS, Dragon Quest IV DS, and Capcom Classics Collection & Gitaroo Man for the PSP. Playing Chrono Trigger again brought back some awesome memories from the 90's, it's still a blast!

    If you've never played Ys V, I've been working on a video playthrough of it for youtube. Please check it out!

    Ys VII is lurking somewhere on the horizon, and I truly hope it comes out sometime in '09. Below is a link to the cool interview Music 4 Games did with HItoshi Sakimoto.

    Music 4 Games Interview with Hitoshi Sakimoto

    Music 4 Games recently conducted an interview with Mr. Sakimoto, one of everyone's favorite composers. It can be found
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  • More soon!