Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Random Giveaway Contest #1 - Ys I & II Chronicles!!

I have two copies of Ys I & II Chronicles for PSP. Both were bought directly from Falcom. Both have the pre-order bonus CDs, and one will be given away tomorrow on July 30th, 2009. I gave a "heads up" to this a couple of days ago on Twitter.

If you follow me on Twitter, all you have to do tomorrow is look for the update that says "the Ys I & II Chronicles contest is open, e-mail now!" (Hint, it will probably be in the afternoon, and I'm in the Eastern time zone in the US).

When the contest update appears, just send a message to my e-mail. ( it can be one word, such as "hello", "did I win?", anything except profanity please. Profanity will be disqualified, as well as anything with a spam link. The first e-mail I get regarding the contest wins Ys I & II Chronicles for the PSP.

Here is my Twitter:
  • Gamemusicfreak's Twitter Good Luck! I'll e-mail the winner immediately when the contest is over, and announce it on Twitter.