Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Drawing Heavy Metal Megaman

I needed an excuse to make a video featuring more of Dangerous Mezashi Cat's awesome Megalomania Megaman rock CD, so I threw this together. The armor was mostly improvised in the video, but I had some idea of the look I was going for prior to drawing it. Hope you enjoy the video!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Megaman 9 Soundtrack/ Arrange Album Release Dates

According to CD Japan, the Megaman 9 soundtrack will be released on 9/12, and a Megaman 9 arrange album the following month, on 10/10. I was hoping they would immediately release the music on CD, instead of having to wait a long time like the original MM 1-6 NES music. I expect pre-orders to begin at CocoeBiz soon too, but for now I'll post the CD Japan link. Cool!
  • Pre-order link for Megaman 9 OST at CD Japan
  • More soon, but in the meantime here's some new art:

    Megaman and Superman team up!

    Saturday, August 09, 2008

    RIZ-ZOAWD Looks Promising...

    It looks like a fantastic game, doesn't it? Many sites have screen shots, but only a few name the composers for this game, and I wanted to spread the word. It's Hitoshi Sakimoto and Michiko Naruke! I went to the official site and listened to the music there, and got really excited. I hope it comes out in English. There are trailers on youtube, but the official site is really neat. I am looking forward to seeing more!
  • Visit the Official RIZ-ZOAWD site!
  • Legend of Xanadu playthrough video Progress:

    I've been working on the Legend of Xanadu Video Playthrough series for my youtube channel, and will post parts 23 & 24 soon. As I'm playing through, I am enhancing the Legend of Xanadu help page with all new hints, chronological orders of events and sample videos to help with some of the difficult puzzles in the game. When complete, the game will be much easier for those who would like to play it, but don't know Japanese.

    *If you had tickets for the August 23rd Play! concert that was canceled, and your tickets were being held for will call:

    I called the box office regarding my refund on August 8th, and noticed no action was taken yet as of today. So I called again today and was informed that they will have all refunds processed within five days. I hope that information will be useful to you.

    THANKS FOR 10,000 HITS!!

    Thanks to those who visit my page! I will post the traditional drawing soon. I just have to finish it... If you look at the site counter at the bottom of this page, you'll see I changed the Megaman up with a new drawing which was just completed today. In the links section I added links to the CocoeBiz Youtube Channel as well as my own.

    See you next time!
  • Saturday, August 02, 2008

    Play! concert scheduled for August 23rd in San Francisco canceled

    I was planning on attending this show, and even bought a ticket, however I checked the Play! site yesterday and noticed the August 23rd concert date was missing from their upcoming shows list. I figured it might have been re-scheduled or canceled, then I got an e-mail from the box office:

    "Dear Patron,

    Thank you for your recent ticket purchase for PLAY! A VIDEO GAME SYMPHONY. Unfortunately this event has been canceled. The presenters of this event have promised to reschedule for a date most likely in 2009.

    Please return your tickets for a refund to the address below.

    City Box Office
    180 Redwood Street, Suite 100
    San Francisco, CA 94102

    Attn: Refunds

    If your tickets are being held for will call you will be automatically refunded and need to take no action.

    Please keep an eye out for the rescheduled date. We are sorry for the news of the cancellation.

    Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding this email."

    City Box Office

    (415) 392-4400

    Lauren A. McQuade
    General Manager

    Believe me, as a veteran of game music concerts, this means when the show does happen it will be incredible! If I get any updates I'll let you know.