Monday, January 29, 2007

Ys Origin Gameplay Video Added today!

Today I added a small gameplay video from Ys Origin to youtube! It's footage I made of the Water Prison territory in the game. As you can hear form the video, Falcom once again did an amazing job on the music. Perhaps in some small way this will entice you to play this great game. Click on the link below, hope you like it! By the way, a new sketch has also been added below for the new artwork of the week!
  • Ys Origin: Water Prison Gameplay.
  • Wednesday, January 24, 2007

    New Arrivals!!

    Lots of new arrivals today, when I update my collection list, these will be included.

    Blue Dragon Soundtrack!
    The latest from legend Nobuo Uematsu for the XBox 360 Console:

    Being a big fan of Atsushi Fukai, I decided to obtain as many of his works as possible.

    Romancing Saga Battle Themes:
    This one has arrangements featuring battle themes from Romancing Saga 1-3

    Project G:
    An imaginary sequel to the Gradius series, and contains arranged music from Gradius IV.

    Princess Maker 1,2, and 3 Battle Themes:
    After hearing Princess Maker 2. I had to hear more. This CD contains arrangements of themes from the Princess Maker series.

    The latest from Mr. Fukai, it features live instrumentation, and he has wonderfully re-arranged some of his greatest pieces for it.

    Project Fantasy Zone:
    A Soundtrack Inspired by Fantasy Zone.

    Midi-Mushi Collaborations:
    Here, Mr. Fukai has teamed up with a few others to create arrangements from Air and Snow among others.

    Project Dragon Spirits:
    At Last! An imaginary soundtrack to continue the Dragon Spirit Series, one of my favorites. Mr. Fukai didn't disappoint one bit with this, he nailed the inspirational sound and style that are trademarks of the legendary shooter.

    Project Twinbee Deluxe Pack:
    Two full-length Discs! Music inspired by the Twinbee series!

    Dirty Pair, Complete Art Works:
    A Brand new art book featuring illustrations from my all-time favorite anime, The Dirty Pair!

    Thanks go to Mr. Atsushi Fukai, for keeping the doujin scene alive for game music, and for graciously supporting the sale of Mr. Fukai's works!

    Sunday, January 14, 2007

    Update 1-14-07

    Today I made a few changes I thought would be worthwhile. Now there's a little gallery spotlighting my favorite moments in my journey of collecting game music, and I'll have a different piece of art posted every week. Now to get the rest of those Atsushi Fukai CDs before they sell out :)
    I have numerous things in the works, but I get so ambitious at times I don't get them done when I would like. Here is a list of things to come:
    A Guide to Collecting Ys Soundtracks
    A Guide to completing The Legend of Xanadu
    A Tribute to Dragon Spirit
    Mega Man vs. Bass: To the Death (Perhaps it's too soon to list this here, but it's gonna knock your socks off! I figured by listing it, I'll stay motivated to see it through to the end.) Just wait and see!
    Now, keep listening to game music and make sure it is loud!

    Sunday, January 07, 2007

    Happy New Year!!

    Happy new year 2007 to all of you out there! Looking ahead a little bit, I have plans to attend more upcoming Play! concerts, and there's LOTS more art on the way too. It has been a while since I updated my art gallery. It's going to be a great year. I hope you all have fun collecting and listening to game music this year. For the first time ever, there's a new release schedule of some great upcoming soundtrack releases. Hope it is useful to you. Bye for now!!


    Just finished Ys Origin playing as Yunica Tovah, working on the game as Hugo Fact now. I LOVE THIS GAME! Falcom pulled off a wonderful Ys prequel that didn't even have Adol in it! My guide to collecting Ys Soundtracks is still on the way. I'm finally recovering from the busy Holidays!
    Anyway, there are some great soundtracks coming out soon, currently on CD Japan's release schedule is:


    Sonic The Hedgehog Vocal Trax Several Wills
    Release: 2007/01/10

    Happiness! Deluxe Character Ending Collection Vol.3
    Koyuki Takamine (Yuura Hyuga)
    Release: 2007/01/10

    Happiness! Deluxe Character Ending Collection Vol.4
    Sumomo Kohinata (Mai Goto)
    Release: 2007/01/10

    THE COMPLETE SOUND TRACK Rune Factory Shin Bokujo Monogatari
    Release: 2007/01/17

    Janne Da Arc Original Soundtrack
    Release: 2007/01/24

    Battle Gear 4 + Battle Gear 4 Tuned Original Soundtrack
    Release: 2007/01/24

    Wild Arms The 5th Vanguard Original Score Vol.1
    Release: 2007/01/24

    Yuria, Miyuki Hashimoto
    Release: 2007/01/24

    Sengoku Basara 2 Sokyu! Anegawa no Tatakai Drama CD
    Drama CD (Kazuya Nakai, Toshiyuki Morikawa, Kouji Tsujitani, et al.)
    Release: 2007/01/24

    Seiken Densetsu 4: Dawn of Mana Original Soundtrack -Sanctuary-
    Release: 2007/01/24

    .hack//G.U. Game Music O.S.T.2 [Limited Release]
    Release: 2007/01/24

    Happiness! Deluxe Character Ending Collection Vol.5
    Ibuki Shikimori (Oma Ichimura)
    Release: 2007/01/24

    Happiness! Deluxe Character Ending Collection Vol.6
    Saya Kamijyo (Shizuka Ito)
    Release: 2007/01/24

    Drama CD Idol Master New Stage.02
    (Eriko Nakamura, Asami Imai, Chiaki Takahashi, et al.)
    Release: 2007/01/25

    Mizu no Senritsu 2 - Hi no Kioku Character Song Flame series II
    Suguru Shitara (Mitsuki Saiga), Ryo Akizuki (Takashi Kondo)
    Release: 2007/01/25

    Game Soft Routes Intro Theme: Remote Viewing
    Masam Okui
    Release: 2007/01/26

    The Idol Master Masterwork 01
    Release: 2007/01/31

    PS2 Ban Happiness Deluxe Original Soundtrack
    Release: 2007/01/31


    Kiniro No Corda 2 BGM & Monologue Shu (Title subject to change)
    Release: 2007/02/07

    Wild Arms The 5th Vanguard Original Score Vol.2
    Release: 2007/02/07

    PC Game "Edelweiss" Drama CD
    Release: 2007/02/07

    Riviera - Yakusoku no Chi Riviera - Perfect Audio Collection Plus
    Release: 2007/02/09

    Tales of the Tempest Original Soundtrack
    Release: 2007/02/21

    Playstation 2 Game "Lupin III Lupin ni wa Shi wo, Zenigata ni wa Koi wo" Original Soundtrack (Music by Yuji Ohno)
    Release: 2007/02/21

    Drama CD Idol Master New Stage.03 (Eriko Nakamura, Asami Imai, Chiaki Takahashi, et al.)
    Release: 2007/02/23

    Tensho Gakuen Gekkoroku Original Characters Vol.1
    Takashi Kyoragi (Kosuke Toriumi)
    Release: 2007/02/23

    Tensho Gakuen Gekkoroku Original Characters Vol.2
    Ryo Yuzaki (Kenichi Suzumura)
    Release: 2007/02/23

    Tensho Gakuen Gekkoroku Original Characters Vol.3
    Kousei Kenmochi (Soichiro Hoshi)
    Release: 2007/02/23

    Akabe Sofutotsu Vocal Collection (Title subject to change) [w/ DVD, Limited Edition]
    Release: 2007/02/23

    Akabe Sofutotsu Vocal Collection (Title subject to change) [Regular Edition]
    Release: 2007/02/23

    Spica-Kokoro ga Tsumugu Okurimono-Ar tonelico hymmnos musical
    Release: 2007/02/28

    Release: 2007/02/28

    Neo Angelique - Romantic Gift -
    Release: 2007/02/28

    Before Crisis -Final Fantasy VII + Last Order -Final Fantasy VII- Original Soundtrack Release: 2007/02/28


    Aki no Ulala no Original Soundtrack
    Release: 2007/03/09

    Luminous Arc Original Soundtracks
    Release: 2007/03/21

    Final Fantasy XI Original Soundtrack Premium Box [Limited Release]
    Release: 2007/03/28