Sunday, January 14, 2007

Update 1-14-07

Today I made a few changes I thought would be worthwhile. Now there's a little gallery spotlighting my favorite moments in my journey of collecting game music, and I'll have a different piece of art posted every week. Now to get the rest of those Atsushi Fukai CDs before they sell out :)
I have numerous things in the works, but I get so ambitious at times I don't get them done when I would like. Here is a list of things to come:
A Guide to Collecting Ys Soundtracks
A Guide to completing The Legend of Xanadu
A Tribute to Dragon Spirit
Mega Man vs. Bass: To the Death (Perhaps it's too soon to list this here, but it's gonna knock your socks off! I figured by listing it, I'll stay motivated to see it through to the end.) Just wait and see!
Now, keep listening to game music and make sure it is loud!

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