Friday, October 15, 2010

Sorcerian Perfect Collections at Egg Music

It's a chance to obtain all three rare (and awesome) Sorcerian Perfect Collections without having to track down the discs yourself, like I had to years ago. Plus, Egg Music is an official distributor, not a pirate. There are six discs in all, and each disc is 1575 yen (around $19.41 USD) to download at Egg Music. You can listen to samples or purchase individual tracks as well. You'll have to create an account, but after that you'll be able to buy all the mp3s you want through Paypal.

A link to the Egg Music Catalog:
  • Egg Music Catalog
  • How to buy mp3s from Egg Music for English speaking game music fans:
  • Click!
  • I've received word that the Ys Seven contest winner has received the game. Hope you enjoy it!

    Well, anyway, I'm going to be formatting my PC soon, so I haven't been able to produce any more finished pages for the web comic, make any music videos, or upload any more episodes of "In the Beginning," but I'll be back to full functionality soon!

    I have finished my first playthrough of Ys Seven in English and it was hands down the best in the series I think. Now I'm really lamenting that it's over. It feels like there are no games out there worth playing. Ys Seven is just plain epic. Trust me, Falcom has reached new ground with it. If you haven't played it yet I HIGHLY recommend playing it, if you're a PSP gamer. Can it ever be topped? I look forward to posting my "Ys Seven Fan's Review" once everything is back to normal again.