Wednesday, December 10, 2008

New Boss Rush Album at 16 Dimensional Records!

I have to mention them again! Anytime I need something new to listen to, I check out the 16 Dimensional Records Site. It's a site dedicated to preserving the art of chiptune and electronic music composition, and it's amazing! The site contains imaginary soundtracks and music from homebrew games, original music and it's all geared toward the chip music lover. All the talented individuals there have made their music available for free as well. I encourage all game music fans to head over there and check out the music, these guys need more exposure. The latest album is called ExHale~Boss Rush, and it's a collaborative effort by Takahiro Kato and Gaii. It's a fantastic combination old chiptunes and all out electronic weirdness! Here is your ticket to old style game music greatness!

  • 16 Dimensional Records
  • Now, I've been working a lot, and I'm sorry for the long absence but...

    It's great to be back! I'm happy it's December, the Winter season is my favorite time of year. Lots of cool things are going on in the Game Music world. Did you see all those X Box Soundtracks getting legitimate releases in retail stores? The packaging might need a little more work, but when I walked into a Fry's Electronics store and saw a real Blue Dragon English OST, I just couldn't believe it. Sure, the Music 4 Games newsletter mentioned that release long ago, but there was just something about seeing it there with my own eyes. The price was only $13.99. No added importing fees, and no extra charges for secure shipping. There is great potential there, I hope they keep it up! Thanks to Sumthing Else Music Works for making it happen, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they continue on. Who knows, we could get more older or previously unreleased soundtracks out of this.

    You can check out what they have available here:
  • Sumthing Distribution
  • I have lots more to chat about, but I'll leave that for tomorrow.