Sunday, October 21, 2007

New track at the Skies Symphony

Now that Kiesca (The Skies Symphony) has completed his work on the "First Tragedy" downloadable symphonic Metal album, he has started work on his next project already it seems! Entitled Will of the World, it serves as the instrumental introduction to "Hopeless Reborn". It's fantastic. This one is mostly piano driven, and it's pretty chaotic! It's been a lot of fun following what this guy does. Even though some of his music is really dark, I really enjoy it, and if you haven't yet checked out his game music arranges, I recommend it, they're awesome! Many of the tracks remind me of some epic battle taking place in a RPG.

You can download and listen to First Tragedy or get in on the beginning of Hopeless Reborn at the link below. I think you will appreciate the amazing musicianship if nothing else, and hey, the tracks are completely free! A gift from the artist!
  • The Skies Symphony
  • I'll update again when the Skies Symphony adds another work.
  • Dracula X Chronicles Soundtrack

    This is going to be really limited I think. On 11/08/07, the soundtrack to the long-awaited Castlevania Dracula X Chronicles PSP version is scheduled to be released. Cocoebiz is listing it as two discs. I'm guessing that one disc will be the original soundtrack, and the other will be the new arranges for the PSP verison.
  • Pre-order at cocoebiz now!
  • On another note, Look for the Cap'n Crunch web comic to hit during the week. I think it's better to launch it when I have more pages completed. Yesterday was gonna be the day, but I spent Friday resting from the work week, and didn't accomplish everything I had set to go Saturday.
    Don't forget, the Odin Sphere OST will be released on 10/24!

    Since there is no Cap'n Crunch yet, I have a need to get more art up here, so this is a new Batgirl drawing I recently completed.
  • Wednesday, October 17, 2007


    Distant Worlds: Music from Final Fantasy kicks off December 4th, 2007 in Stockholm Sweden! Marking the 20th anniversary of Final Fantasy with an all new tour, Mr. Nobuo Uematsu and veteran Final Fantasy Concert conductor Arnie Roth will be there! Even better news, a second show has already been announced for March 1, 2008 in Chicago! It will be at the Rosemont Theater, where Play! A Video Game Symphony launched last year.
    This is excellent news! According to the official site (see link below), Mr. Uematsu will be in attendance at both shows. A ticket price of $150.00 has been established to attend a meeting session with Mr. Uematsu at the event. Tickets for the Chicago performance are on sale now. I am thinking they will go quickly. The event promises to be a blast.
    A special Final Fantasy CD is also being released to celebrate the series' twenty year history, as well as this new tour. The CD will be available at the concert locations.
    Check out the site below!
  • Distant Worlds Official Site