Saturday, August 01, 2009

Attending Distant Worlds Concert on 12/12!

I've been acquiring a lot of new soundtracks, so most of the updates were to my collection page. The crew over at Final Fantasy Distant Worlds have announced a huge concert for 12/12/2009, so I immediately bought a ticket for that one. I can't wait.

Something exciting I have planned for August is premiering my Batman and Megaman Comic story, which will be a big part of this blog. The story will begin in a couple of weeks! Check out the link at the Distant Worlds below to read about the awesome concert they have planned for 12/12. See you next time!

  • Final Fantasy Distant Worlds
    Congratulations to the Ys I & II Chronicles winner!

    Aaron said...

    Look what just came up in the Square Enix Europe Newletter!!

    Looks like it could be all new stuff too!

    Game Music Freak said...

    That's awesome!! Thanks for the alert! I wish I could go there!