Saturday, January 03, 2009

Play! CD/DVD releasing on January 9th!

This is too awesome, and it's finally here! Play! A Video Game Symphony has just announced that their first CD/DVD will begin shipping on 1-9-09. I have a long history with this concert, and this news is just what I needed! You can order the CD/DVD set from the Play! site now as well! *I will buy extra copies for a random giveaway event, so stay tuned!*

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  • This month marks the third anniversary of this blog, and it has been a lot of fun. Thanks to those of you who have stopped by, I appreciate it!

    Elias Rodea said...

    Hi Keith, fantastic site, can we interchange links?
    My blog is

    Good luck!

    Droseph said...

    This may sound like a strange question. But i do not know where else to ask due to me being new here and not knowing how to contact personally. I am going to the distant worlds concert, im 16 and i purchased one of the meet and greet. To meet Nobuo of course. And im wondering how was your experience? Is meet and greet actually just what it sounds like? Thank you

    Game Music Freak said...

    Hey there, Droseph! The meet and greet is one of the most fun things! Usually, though the line is long, everyone is given a good opportunity (at least 3 minutes) to meet Mr. Uematsu and conductor Arnie Roth. I usually spend about 5 minutes, but I'm always mindful of others in line.

    First, the meet and greet is always after the show, so get there early! The theater staffs in my experience are very generous and will allow each person a few minutes to speak to Nobuo if they wish.

    What you do with your meet time is up to you. They won't give you an unlimited amount of time, so be prepared. Many people get a photo, get autographs or I've seen some girls give Nobuo a kiss on the cheek!

    If you bring a lot of CDs to get signed, have the discs opened in a stack, or the liner notes stacked, ready to give to Nobuo. I usually use this time, when he is signing, to thank him, or make jokes, whatever.

    I always think, "this may not ever happen again, so I better make use of it!"

    I have been fortunate to meet Mr. Uematsu on five different occasions, so I've garnered a little experience.
    If the theater staff is rushing you, my advice is to ignore them. They may not understand that Mr. Uematsu's appearance outside of Japan is rare. He is a patient and very kind person, and is looking forward to meeting his international fans. Remember you paid a lot for a ticket to meet him, so get your money's worth!

    I invite you to take a look in my archives of the first US Distant Worlds show last year. Just paste this link in your browser:

    Thanks for visiting and have fun!

    man with van London said...

    I love how you conduct your posts, some of the stuff I read I already knew, but other I didn't. I susbscribed to you through RSS to keep track of your latest updates.