Friday, April 10, 2009

Ys Seven Official site begins!

Ys Seven will be first released on the PSP this September, and Falcom unveiled the official site for it today. There's no content up yet, but there is a link to the site for their retooled PSP port of Ys I & II Complete, called Ys I & II Chronicles.
You can expect them to have music demos available soon. It's already been confirmed that Ys Seven will feature the Five Dragons of Altago story that fans have been anticipating. I'm eagerly awaiting to play this!

  • You can check out the site here!
  • See you again soon!

    Dr Wond said...

    Man, did you check the site ? The 'Ys Chronicles' part has slightly been updated, with some usual materials, and additional information : the port will contain 3 soundtracks, PC, PSP rearrange and good ol' PC-88 sondtracks !
    That's gonna be a very nice candy after all. :)

    Game Music Freak said...

    Oh yeah, definitely looking forward to Chronicles! Thanks for visiting!