Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Ok, after waiting a while to play it, I just finished Xanadu Next last night!
This is one incredible Falcom action RPG for PC(Japanese). The great thing is you don't have to know Japanese in order to enjoy it, or finish it! Just like Falcom's legendary Ys series, which is my all time favorite. Xanadu Next is not too long, which is good, but it is not an easy game either.

This game is quite a dungeon crawler too, you'll be fighting monsters non-stop and hunting down keys, special guardian cards, magial items, and saving gold (YES!) to buy weapons and armor. The bosses and graphics are all 3D, and in the Falcom tradition all crafted wonderfully well. This is classic sword slinging RPG action at it's very best! There are giant spiders, nasty zombies and hundreds of other creatures, but I don't want to spoil it for those who haven't played it yet. Don't get me started on the music.

As any Falcom or Ys fan knows, the composers, Falcom Sound Team JDK are game music legends and they outdid themselves here once again. My breath was taken away at the awesome dungeon themes, and the glorious symphonic choral pieces in this game. I highly recommend this game to anyone. Now, if you are unsure if you should try a Japanese game, and you don't know Japanese, let me say this, you won't be sorry, and you only live once!

Operating System: Windows 98/2000/ME/XP. CD-ROM or DVD-ROM versions available.

As always, Falcom will not leave their fans wanting, so with this game (the limited edition, still available) they included the classic PC Engine RPGs, Legend of Xanadu I & II, formatted to play on PC! Also included is a Xanadu Music Chronicle CD, spotlighting a couple BGMs from Xanadu Next and some of Falcom's best Xanadu arrangements ever, with some long gone JDK Band Tracks from Falcom Special Box '94.
I will surely link up some of Falcom's Xanadu Next Music Samples soon as well!
Here are some pictures of everything that came with the game (isn't Falcom awesome) and a link to Falcom's official site of the game. Enjoy!

Front cover of game case (comes in a slipcase box)

Back cover of game case

Xanadu Encyclopedia (monster & weapon/item information)

Xanadu Next Playing Manual

Xanadu Music Chronicle CD

The Legend of Xanadu I & II

  • Official Site For Xanadu Next (Japanese)
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