Friday, March 03, 2006


The long wait for Final Fantasy XII is almost over. I am eagerly awaiting this game because it is such a big departure from the established style from the series. One can not help but wonder if this trend will continue. The original soundtrack for the game is set for a release date of April 19, 2006, and the limited version looks like quite a package.
Since Hitoshi Sakimoto (FF Tactics, Vagrant Story, Breath of Fire V) has taken over as composer here, it will be interesting to see what he has come up with. Based on what I've heard in the playable demo I love the music so far. The soundtrack will once again feature four discs of music. While that is not unfamiliar to FF fans, to see Sakimoto step up to the plate and continue the legacy certainly made me feel like this will be a very special game, despite some negative comments stemming from the new battle system. Of course, the limited edition of this upcoming masterpiece is available at cocoebiz. Also, there is a contest to get Mr. Sakimoto's autograph, for those who preorder this soundtrack by April 10th! For more information just click the link below.
  • Preorder the Final Fantasy XII Original Soundtrack Limited Edition from cocoebiz!
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