Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Nights Perfect Album Announced

This is great! Finally the original Nights soundtrack is getting the release it always deserved, this time in the form of three discs! Cocoebiz is taking pre-orders on the set, which contains two discs for the Original Nights soundtrack, with the third disc devoted to covering music from the limited Christmas Nights game. With the original Nights soundtrack being only one disc when it was released long ago, I think this set will be the Nights soundtrack the fans (myself included) have been wanting. Also, the new Nights for the Wii will has a soundtrack too! Check out some links below:

  • Cocoebiz
  • CD Japan Below
  • Nights: Journey of Dreams Wii soundtrack information
  • See you next time!

    GHGraphics said...

    All you need to do is meet Yasunori Mitsuda and your life will be complete ;)

    Game Music Freak said...

    I got to meet him at the Premiere of Play! A Video Game Symphony. Unfortunately, getting a photo with the composers has proven to be somewhat tricky sometimes. The rules change at every venue. Sometimes time allows for it and you get lucky, and other times you either get only one item signed and a handshake, or cameras are not allowed (though that is rare). I have been extremely lucky so far, and have learned to keep an eye out for the right moments. I think I could have gotten a photo with Mr. Mitsuda, but my main goal at that event was getting a photo with Koshiro. I had to request many times in a very long line to get that one. The composers have always been extremely nice, but the rules enforced by the staffs at the various theaters make it hard.