Thursday, January 17, 2008

Game Music Collection update

The following soundtracks were added to the list today on this update(1-16-08):

Soldner X: Himmelssturmer OST
Summon Night 1-4
Megaman 7
Megaman 8
Megaman ZX Advent Tunes
Final Fantasy Heavy Metal Guarvail
Growlanser VI
Wild Arms 5 OST part 1
Hudson Premium Audio CD
Extra: Game Music Event CD
Super Hang On 20th Anniversary
Wangan Midnight 3
Yuzo Koshiro Best Collection 2
Etrian Odyssey Super Arrange Verison
Etrian Odyssey OST
Trusty Bell Chopin's Dream
Megaman X Rock (Zero and X verisons : Every Time I bang)
Rock Love Megaman Techno Arrange
R.O.C.K.M.A.N. (Megaman Jazzy Arrange)
Dracula X Chronicles PSP soundtrack

If you would like to visit my collection page, there is a link in the links section. Thanks as always for reading!


kelsifique said...

Hey, you should check out this band called "The Megas." They do rock versions of the Megaman 2 songs, but they've added lyrics and given personalities to the bosses.

Their official website is, but you can hear some of their tracks on their myspace:

I really enjoy your blog, I hope you like what you find! They rock!

Game Music Freak said...

Awesome, I don't believe I have heard of them. Thanks very much!

Anonymous said...

You accidently misspelled the word "collection" in this blog post.

Game Music Freak said...

Fixed, Thank You!!