Saturday, January 05, 2008


I just got my hands on two new Megaman X arrange CDs and they are fantastic! This is pretty hardcore game music metal here, and the fast heavy style on these discs suits the war torn world of X and Zero perfectly. Created by the band "Kissing the Mirror" out of Japan, both discs consist of favorite tracks from the Megaman X series. On each CD you will find seven tracks, which makes them a little short, but the content is amazing. Both albums are titled "Every Time I Bang", so in a sense they are one album only just split into two: One for X and one for Zero. The release date for both discs is listed as 10-8-07, so it's cool to be able get in on a new work such as this early on.

As a fan of Megaman X almost just as much as the original Megaman series, these albums are a breath of fresh air. Quite frankly, there hasn't been a lot of BGM arrangement work done for the Megaman X series. With Capcom recently releasing a rock and techno CD for Megaman though, that could certainly change. In the meantime, I don't mind relying on the various doujin circles and musicians one bit to get my game arrange fix. That goes especially for these discs, they really are of excellent quality. The styles range from short bits of orchestration to great bursts of speedy guitar and keyboard filled excitement! One other important thing to note is that although some themes on these discs are expanded upon, the band really stays true to the original music. It's inspiring to me to see Megaman X music finally getting the heavy metal treatment it deserves. Well done guys!

It is a shame that doujin CDs like this are so hard to come by. From my experience, some of them are impossible to get unless you know someone in Japan or if you can find them at an auction site somewhere. If you are unaware of ebay seller champ_des_pins, I recommend cheking out his auctions. At any given time he always has an excellent selection of doujin CDs, and he is reliable, and in Japan. That's where I got these discs, and it's very possible he could have some more available soon. Here is a link to his ebay store page:
  • champ_des_pins ebay store
  • I have scanned the fronts and backs of both albums as well:



    Here is the Kissing the Mirror site, and there you can listen to samples from these great works!
  • Kissing the Mirror
  • Just scroll down and click on "Every Time I Bang".

    See you next time!

    Anthony said...

    Hey, just ran across your site, looks awesome! These Mega Man albums look interesting too, I'll have to check them out soon. Anyway, I'm always glad to run across new video game music blogs, keep up the hard work!

    Game Music Freak said...

    Hey, thanks very much! I may be doing a contest for Megaman music! I will post updates on that soon.

    Alex said...

    It's absolutely impossible to find these albums anywhere. It's been years, and the tracks off of these albums are the first (recorded into actual albums) I've heard that really give the songs from the series justice. I'm absolutely desperate to get my hands on these. WHY must it be so difficult?!

    I suppose being a teenager with no income does a number on the availability of such things, hahahah

    Thanks so much for reviewing these. I've been wanting to hear some opinions ever since I caught wind of them a few weeks ago.

    Any tips on how I could get my hands on these O_o

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