Monday, July 09, 2007

Drawing Mega Man part 2!!

As someone who draws very fast, I made this effort to slow down my approach to Drawing MegaMan. The goal is make it easier to see it come together, so I also cut out a lot of my normal sketch lines, keeping it cleaner to see it better. I practice every day and love to draw constantly.
My personal preference for drawing the Blue Bomber is to make him short, like in the original series. In future videos I will include different characters, and also do the taller version MegaMan as featured in MegaMan 8.
I'm no expert of course, and everyone's approach is different. I always start out with simple shapes and build upon them. MegaMan is like a bunch of circles and ovals thrown together. Don't be afraid to draw your lines light and draw through them until you're comfortable with how the shape turns out. You can always go back and erase the guidelines you don't need anymore.

The Music is one of my favorites from MegaMan 8. Hope you enjoy!

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