Sunday, May 27, 2007


First of all, please don't get me wrong, you have every right to buy and enjoy any CD you want, but since I believe in supporting the original CD composers and creators, this information is intended to help and not to hinder. Also, as many others know, most of these discs originate out of Taiwan, and not Japan.

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  • Did you notice anything? That Dragon Quest V CD set is from SM, and is a surefire pirate CD. I can't knock Really, I love them. They put a major effort into stopping the sale of these things on their site, and they make it so much easier to get imports from Japan without having to pay a hefty sum to import it yourself. No doubt that Dragon Quest V soundtrack is from the old stock. Still helps to know though, doesn't it?

    Five major Pirate CD makers are SM or sonmay (See Ys II Sample below), Alion, Ever Anime, Miya Records and something with a wierd symbol I am unable to make out. These are the big ones I run into more than anything. One comic shop in my area literally has dozens of game music CDs for sale all the time, but every one of them is a pirate bootleg CD. It's a shame, too, because otherwise it's a great place.
    Here is what the Ever Anime logo looks like:

    If you see this symbol on any CD, beware, it is a pirate:
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