Thursday, May 03, 2007


Finally got the Mega Man "Megalomania" CD the other day. It's a great Mega Man guitar arranged Doujin CD by Dangerous Mezashi Cat. I have to admit, the cover art is fantastic, but I wondered whether or not the CD would live up to that quality.

No worries, it delivers completely! It's pure Mega Man rock, with plenty of room in each track used to cover the main melodies, and at the same time provide additional music to compliment the wonderful arrangements. Now, this isn't hard core Metal by any means, but that doesn't mean it's not hardcore rock! Great synth and fast, heavy drums accompany many of the tracks, and all of them are instantly recognizeable. The musicicans produced a great balance of staying true to the original music, as well as creating a refreshing take on old classics.

Right now, this disc might be hard to get, as doujin CDs aren't sold by everybody, and their circulation is almost nonexistent outside of Japan. The price will be around $19.99. I recommend ebay seller champ_des_pins, who supports the doujin CD creators like no one else on ebay.


1. MegaMan 2 Opening
2. MegaMan 2 Title
3. CutMan
4. IceMan
5. FireMan
6. MetalMan
7. BubbleMan
8. WoodMan
9. CrashMan
10. FlashMan
11. QuickMan
12. Dr. Wily Stage (MegaMan 2)
13. MegaMan 3 Title
14. SparkMan
15. Get Weapon (MegaMan 3)
16. SnakeMan
17. PharoahMan (Bonus)


Louie Hung said...

Man, I really want to buy a copy of that Megalomania album! Where can I find it? Or where did you get it from?

Game Music Freak said...

Hey! Ebay seller champ_des_pins has one copy of Megalomania right now.
He raised the price to $29.99 though.

He is in Japan, but the CD is totally worth the price. Thanks for your comment.

GAMMA47 said...

Dut this was a new megaman game i mean that would be cool to have that type of game quality and have megaman zero and battlenet hooked to one story that wwould make a wonderful game hey do you think you can start making a game dude it would rule

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