Thursday, August 03, 2006


Last week's Play concert in Philadelphia was AWESOME! It was at the Mann Center for the Performing Arts, which is an outside venue, with a limited roof.

There was a storm, and it really added to the atmosphere. The sound of the thunder with lightning and rain, along with the music was very cool.

Here is the set list:

1. Play Theme
2. Liberi Fatali
3. Mario Medley
4. Shenmue
6. Battlefield 1942
7. Sonic Medley
8. Aeris
9. Metal Gear Solid Theme
10. Kingdom Hearts


11. Morowind Suite
12. Premiere of music from "Prey." This was wicked, it really felt like a horror/science fiction score.
13. Swing de Chocobo
14. World of Warcraft
15. Chrono Trigger / Chrono Cross
16. Theme of Laura (Silent Hill 2)
17. Halo
18. Zelda Medley
19. One Winged Angel

20. Blue Dragon

Arnie Roth Conducted again, there were two taped messages, one from Nobuo Uematsu and one from Koji Kondo, thanking the fans.

The Mann Festival Orchestra and Mendelssohn Club of Philadelphia performed the music. Hard to believe they fit it all into two hours.

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