Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Yeah, apparently it is true. Why am I not excited? Because I don't want to see a bunch of "Hollywood Heads" who don't know a thing about game music suddenly acting like it's their pride & joy. Sure, everyone is familiar with the Nintendo classics, but MTV can't handle it. You want proof? This is the first time they're doing this, and I don't see any classic game music nominated for an award.

It's too late now to be jumping on the band wagon. The video game music world has already had some of it's biggest hits, and you were nowhere to be seen, MTV. Some of you may think of some of the older game soundtracks as "bloops and bleeps", but there were real, honestly composed, strong and vibrant masterpieces there.

Will Yuzo Koshiro ever win a MTV award for all his efforts, like Ys, Actraiser, and Shinobi? What about Nobuo Uematsu with his Final Fantasy work seemingly over, and those countless scores of his? Will they ever get the credit they deserve? I could go on and on. My point is, it seems only now that since many games have full orchestral scores, the music is "acceptable" for an awards show. Based on what was nominated, that is. It is thanks to projects like Play! A Video Game Symphony, Video Games Live, and the support of a loyal fan following that the classics are being kept alive. The fans are being allowed the opportunity to show their respect (in person, on many occaisions) to the founders of this wonderful art form. Not by MTV, which should just stay out of it. They know nothing about game music. It just really upsets me that a network that has shown zero support for game music in the past is suddenly a judge on it.

Now, two sites have opened up where you can vote in two categories: best soundtrack and best score. Jeremy Soule's work on the Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion soundtrack is among the nominees for best score, and he deserves it. As does Jesper Kyd for Hitman in the best soundtrack category. Just not from MTV. These guys deserve better. One day game music composers will get the proper respect they deserve, from a credible source. I have provided links at the end of this article for you.

Am I saying not to support this? No way! Support it, and hopefully a real video game music awards celebration will one day be spawned, by people who appreciate it for what it is. Not by a TV network with NO experience, and no prior support for it.
Where was MTV when Final Fantasy VI hit? Or what about Super Mario 64? Both have outstanding music! Most likely, whoever presents the awards in the video game music categories will be someone who doesn't care about game music. Want to surprise me, MTV? It will be hard. This is your test.

I encourage you all to vote for those who deserve it at the following sites:
  • Gametrailers
  • and
  • Xfire.com
  • Be well, and thanks for reading!

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