Monday, July 17, 2006


Well, more magic happened on Wednesday July 12th in Detroit! The Orchestra Hall was packed, and I met many great people from all over the U.S. Mr. Arnie Roth Conducted again with the Detroit Symphony Orchestra and the Stoney Creek High School Choir. Thanks again to Jason Michael Paul Productions for making it happen! Here is the set list for another beautiful Play Concert!

1. Play Fanfare - Nobuo Uematsu
The excellent theme for the concert series, written by legend Nobuo Uematsu. It has his signature all over it. They are opening every show with it.

2. Liberi Fatali - Nobuo Uematsu
The Final Fantasy VIII Opening. Everyone loves it, and so do I. A wonderful job by the choir!

3. Super Mario Bros. Suite - Koji Kondo
So great to hear this live again! Classics like the underwater theme and Super Mario World never get old. One of the great things about the Play Concerts is that there is something for everyone, and people of all ages are in attendance. It really brings people together. There was also great video of Mario throughout his adventures on the monitor screens.

4. Shenmue - Ryuji Iuchi
Awesome, I've heard many wondered how Shenmue could be a part of this concert series, being an older Sega Dreamcast game.
There is little doubt when you hear it, and then you realize the emotional power the game has.

5. Battlefield 1942 - Joel Eriksson
Never played the game, but this is incredibly written, very stirring, gripping. It fits the theme of war perfectly.

Aeris' Theme may have been next, but Mr. Roth explained that it would not be a part of this performance. The crowd let out a big sigh upon hearing the news. That's another piece that captures the imagination. The Suites from Chrono Trigger & Chrono Cross were also not performed this time. I am ok with it, I think there is a time and a place for everything. This just wasn't the right moment I guess.

6. Sonic The Hedgehog Suite - Masato Nakamura
Arranged by THE LEGEND Yuzo Koshiro, pieces included are Green Hill Zone, Marble Zone, and Star Light Zone. I REALLY LOVE THIS, I truly hope for a Play CD.

7. Shadow of the Colossus - Kow Otani
The opening "To the Ancient Land" was performed beautifully. This is why I flew from Atlanta to Detroit. I would love to see more from this game performed, like some of the battles.

8. Metal Gear Solid Theme - Tappy Iwase
This has become a real classic, it's great how clips of the upcoming Metal Gear Solid 4 were shown too.

9. Kingdom Hearts Medley - Yoko Shimomura & Hikaru Yutada
There were a lot of Kingdom Hearts fans there, This is great, and unlike the Chicago premiere this performance featured some awesome clips from Kingdom Hearts II.


10. The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind - Jeremy Soule
The strong and memorable melodies here are reminding that even though game music has evolved over the years from the old style, the formula is still there: aggressive melodies that invoke emotion. Jeremy Soule is WAY underrated. I hope I get to meet him again someday.

11. Stella Deus - Hitoshi Sakimoto
The piece entitled "Alchemy-Man's Theme" was selected by Sakimoto himself for this event. THIS SONG ROCKS, I sad I hadn't played this game yet. Wonderful anime clips from the game were shown.

12. Swing de Chocobo - Nobuo Uematsu
From Final Fantasy X. No one can deny it's memorable and energetic, and they also can't deny the cuteness of the creatures it's written for. I have always loved the Chocobo Theme in general. For me it's a demonstration of Uematsu's versatility as a composer and it has become a staple of his trademark playful style.
Plus, it makes everyone laugh when they see the little critters running around on large monitors.

13. World of Warcraft Suite - Jason Hayes
More greatness from the choir here. It's amazing how popular this game has become. It's no accident Mr. Jason Hayes' work is a BIG part of that.

14. Silent Hill 2: Theme of Laura - Akira Yamaoka
I need to get the name of the guitar player here, he did an incredible job on this piece. It rocks and it really moves you. After seeing Mr. Akira Yamaoka play it in person and rock out at the premiere, that is saying a lot.

15. Halo Medley - Marty O'Donnell & Michael Salvatori
This music will one day make me play Halo, I swear. Though I primarily play RPGs, hearing this again will change that.

16. Legend of Zelda Medley - Koji Kondo
Another one of the undisputed classics of video games and game music.
Who hasn't heard it and fallen in love with it instantly? Even the Overworld Theme from the Dark World in "A Link to the Past" is included here.

17. One Winged Angel: Final Fantasy VII - Nobuo Uematsu
This is almost always the final piece to be played now, and I don't mind one bit. It's a wonder Sephiroth hasn't gotten his own game with how many people love this song. It's usually an encore piece, but tonight the show ended here. After a lengthy standing ovation, those lucky enough to get a pass headed up the stairs in the lobby to meet the guests and get a free Kingdom Hearts Manga! I was lucky enough to be among those.

Thanks for reading, and if you get a chance attend a Play! Concert! You won't regret it. SEE YOU NEXT TIME!!


Me with two Legendary Composers, Ms. Yoko Shimomura and Mr. Hitoshi Sakimoto.

I was able to add Mr. Hitoshi Sakimoto's and Ms. Yoko Shimomura's autographs to my Play! Program Book! I am especially fond of Ms. Shimomura's signature, because she wrote the word "love" under her name. It really meant something that she did that. It shows she was really happy to be a part of the event.

Final Fantasy XII & Breath of Fire V Soundtracks autographed by Composer Hitoshi Sakimoto.

Final Fantasy Tactics & Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Soundtracks autographed by Composer Hitoshi Sakimoto.

Kingdom Hearts I & II Soundtracks autographed by Composer Yoko Shimomura.

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