Monday, July 10, 2006


Hello everyone! Great news for those attending the Play concert in Detroit! Attendees will receive a free Kingdom Hearts manga! No doubt in honor of Kingdom Hearts composer Yoko Shimomura's appearance, it shows the respect JMP Productions and sponsor Tokyopop have for the fans. I'm leaving for Detroit tomorrow myself, it will be a joy meeting all the other fans again. SEE YOU THERE!!


Synerjinx said...

...There was no giveaway at the PLAY! concert in Detroit Michgan, last night. There were 3 composers there. Aeris's theme was NOT played and the CronoCross/ChronoTrigger medley was NOT played. No encores were played. I was at the Dear Friends concert in 2005 and it seemed the Dear Friends conert was MUCH better than this PLAY! concert - more energy, more enthusiastic crowd, just more... Arnie Roth seemed like he was good last night, but lacking something.

Game Music Freak said...

They did give away the Kingdom Hearts Manga, to those who arrived early enough to get the Meet & Greet pass.
I took a picture of it. I had no idea that was how they were going to do it, the Play e-mail didn't specify. I only found out when I got there.