Friday, June 25, 2010


By now most of you Falcom fans out there have heard Ys Seven is coming to the PSP in English, courtesy of the fine folks at XSEED Games. So to celebrate I will be giving away one copy of the limited edition set they have produced. It includes a music CD, and even a cloth map! The game is scheduled to be released in late Summer, so I've prepared by ordering two copies of the Limited Edition. One of them will go to the winner.

Assuming all goes well and they arrive here safely, this will be another contest, just like when Ys Chronicles was released! I may do something different this time, so please check back for details, I am considering offering a second place prize as well.


allensmithee said...

Oh man, keep me posted! :)

Hopefully it won't land while I'm on vacation again, last time I was in Sudbury with a slow net connection.

If it does, oh well. I can always buy it myself :)

MP83 said...

Very cool of you, GMF. :) I don't know if I'll take part in the contest, since I'll be buying the limited edition of the game myself.

snavellib said...

Nice blog,you wrote here
Always a fan of game soundtrack
Never play YS series,but might give it a try though

My FAV game OST is Final fantasy 1-10, Ogre Battle Saga series ,Shin megami tensei series and Xenogears

Nice knowing someone's crazy for game OST like me,

Game Music Freak said...

Thanks for your comment snavellib! I highly recommend Ys, especially the TG-16 version. That one is even avialable on the Wii Virtual Console
if you weren't aware!

Talk to you later!