Thursday, April 03, 2008


If you've ever had the pleasure of hearing the soundtrack to the classic NES/Famicom shooter Over Horizon, you know how awesome it is.
Youtube user Nintega has a nice gameplay video of Over Horizon:

At the Opus-Xero site, moAbi has created an awesome 12 minute rock medley arranging tunes from Over Horizon! You can find it in the music section at It's in the middle column at the bottom.
There is a link below, and also a permanent link to Opus-Xero in the links section.


    Morgoth Bauglir said...

    Hey Keith what's up? I am listening to the album Vielen Dank from Mashashi Hamauzu and it's great! It even has one song from FFX .
    You should try it. How have you been ?

    Morgoth Bauglir said...

    can you tell me how you got that image counter with the megaman pic? Thanks ^^;

    Game Music Freak said...

    Hey, for the counter I signed up for an account at They will give you a code so you can insert a counter on your blog.

    The Megaman is a drawing I did and I just made it real small so it would fit above the counter.