Monday, March 31, 2008

The Game Music Concert Magic Spreads...

Up at Music 4 Games right now is a great writeup on "The Music of Video Games", performed by the Austin Wind Symphony. Even lesser known orchestras are getting into performing game music! I highly recommend checking out the article:
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    Aaron said...

    Cool. I don't know whether to be pleased that vgm is catching on or sad that it seems us fans might not be part of an exclusive clique for much longer!

    Your post also reminded me of a concert I played at a few years ago, where I was also a member of a wind orchestra. Basically every year all the different ensembles that practiced in this particular hall would come together to perform in a Christmas concert, mostly carols and the like. As always the string orchestra was also there, extremely good but I'm not really into the classical music they usually play so I kind of switch off - anyway they were just starting their second song when I suddenly heard the trademark harp opening - and they performed Aria di Mezzo Carraterre from FF6! Superbly done with a very talented solo violinst instead of soprano. Only time I've ever heard any vgm live.

    Game Music Freak said...

    You're exactly right about the "exclusive clique". For the most part, you still have to import game music, or go online to get it. If a day comes when you can go into any store and buy the latest game soundtracks, things will be and feel totally different for the long-time fans.

    I like how you mentioned Aria di Mezzo Carraterre. It almost seems they are ditching that name for "Maria and Draco", which I don't like, it doesn't sound majestic.

    CyberSpark said...

    Hi Game Music Freak. :)

    I left a comment in your other blog ( where I saw your awesome video game music collection. I was wondering, when you have free time, if you could contact me at:

    I'd really appreaciate if you could contact me but if you're too busy then I'll understand of course, at least leave a comment here? :) Okay, bye.

    Game Music Freak said...

    Hey! What's up? I got your message at the collection blog, and sent a reply to your e-mail. Feel free to ask if you have any questions!


    CyberSpark said...

    Hi again Game Music Freak. I used a different e-mail address to send a reply to you, it has my user name in the title (CyberSpark). If you're concerned about it being spam or something like that, rest assured, it's definitely not spam, it is, however, a somewhat lengthy email. lol.

    I know that you're busy and all so feel free to reply whenever you might get the chance, to either e-mail address, and I'll receive it. OK, Bye.