Saturday, April 28, 2007

More details of Play! Stockholm revealed!

As June 2nd draws closer, the excitement keeps building around the upcoming Play! a Video Game Symphony in Stockhom Sweden. One of the coolest announcements so far is that Machinae Supremacy will be performing Dancing Mad from Final Fantasy VI! Previously it had only been announced that a rock band will perform it, but now with this new news the two concerts in Stockholm have gotten a major upgrade! I can't wait for this! You can bet I'll be there and when I get back I'll have plenty of pics to share! Of course if any other news comes out about this event, I'll be sure to report it.

Don't forget to visit the official Play! site as well:
  • Play! A Video Game Symphony
  • Be sure to check the bottom of this page for the new artwork of the week! See you again soon.
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