Sunday, August 19, 2007

Great new upcoming game soundtrack releases

A few of the upcoming game soundtrack releases caught my eye, I'm looking forward to these. These are in no particular order.

Crisis Core - Final Fantasy VII Original Soundtrack
Chances are I won't play the game, but I may check out this soundtrack.

**More New Music by Yuzo Koshiro!!!!**
Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 3 Original Soundtrack (First Press Available)
So looking forward to this. Koshiro is my favorite, and I love his work for the first two Wangan Midnight games. They are incredible!!

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fate / Original Soundtrack
Still haven't played the first FF Crystal Chronicles, but I really enjoyed it's music.

Ar tonelico 2 Sekai ni Hibiku Shojo tachi no Sozoshi Original Soundtrack
Currently playing Ar Tonelico, and I think this, like the first one, will feature a great soundtrack.

Dragon Quest Sword Original Soundtrack
I really liked the screenshots for this game. I usually always check out a new Dragon Quest title. No doubt this game will have great music.

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