Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Just as the heading says, a long wait is over. Wild Arms fans can finally rejoice that after ten years (yes it has been that long!) the complete soundtrack to the original WIld Arms game for PS1 has now been released! Many of you, myself included remember being let down just a little when you popped that Wild Arms soundtrack in your CD player, only to realize many of your favorite tracks were missing. How could they do that?

Well, they're making up for it now. The new release is entitled Wild Arms: Complete tracks, and now it contains everything this time!
Here is a link where you can buy the set from CD Japan, or you can see the design for the set as well. It seems there are conflicting reports on whether or not this set contains one or two discs, I am waiting for mine to arrive, so I'll report on it again. Enjoy!
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