Saturday, February 04, 2006


A sequel to one of the best Japanese PC games of all time is on the horizon. Falcom's Legend of Heroes series is one of those rare titles that many RPG fans here in America have never gotten to play. However, if you're brave enough, you won't let a little thing like playing a game in a language you don't understand stop you. On March 9, the next chapter in the series is coming out. This is a direct sequel to 2004's Legend of Heroes VI: Sora no Kiseki, and I couldn't be happier. Who else could make this game but Falcom, the creators of Ys, and the best in the business for that matter.

Titled Legend of Heroes VI: The Second Chapter, the story definitely picks up where the previous game left off. Follow Estelle Bright on another epic journey as she seeks out the whereabouts of Joshua, who left suddenly at the end of the first part. Expect incredible graphics and characters, an awe-inspiring soundtrack, and a combat system that fuses traditional and strategy RPG elements. Below is a link which will introduce you to this fantastic world of adventure and fantasy!
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  • Also, if you want to hear some music samples from The Legend of Heroes VI The Second Chapter, click on the links below!
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    PTM said...

    Exciting stuff! Still have not played Ys VI anymore yet. Too busy WoW'ing it. My whole guild up and left me there high and dry without even telling me. All the UPS people. Just left. Chris came on to let me know. I was pretty let down. Anyway, good to hear about LoH.