Friday, January 27, 2006


The Red Haired Swordsman Adol Christin. Wandering on around the world with a hunger and desire for adventure that would choke Link from The Legend of Zelda in a heartbeat.

He's been there, and done that, and he's the star of the famous Role Playing Game series called Ys.

The Ys series is my favorite RPG series of all time, and with good reason, too. It features "power rock" soundtracks, unbelievable graphics and storytelling, and the fastest action engines ever to grace a PC or console game system.

Created and developed by the Legendary Nihon Falcom. (see Falcom Home Page link ) The Ys series is beloved by thousands around the world for it's golden heart and spirit of adventure.


worldtourmaster said...

Hey, I was just wondering, Have you ever played any Zelda games?

PTM said...

LMAO. I've played both.

Game Music Freak said...

I don't want to hear it, none of you have even begun to play Ys.